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Ch'i Kung

Sifu, Embracing posture - Ch'i Kung

         Ch'i Kung is an exercise program that everyone can enjoy. Based on the eastern theory of Yin and Yang, Ch'i Kung teaches the mind to enhance the body's natural energy.

         Ancient Chinese, stationary and moving, routines that nurture the organs, maintain health, calm the mind and foster greater martial power. Once regarded as magic; Kung means "work" and Ch'i means the "energy" that circulates in the body. Ch'i Kung is practiced for good health and prolonged life, but it is in essence the root of all martial power. Handed down over the centuries, Ch'i Kung is practiced by millions of people of all ages, all over the world, everyday.

         Master Charles Lin, a life-long practitioner of this ancient art, will personally instruct you in the methods of Taoist and Buddhist breathing as he reveals 2000 year old training methods of his ancestors.

         Ch'i Kung is offered in a rotating series of seminars, One through Five, with each being a complete and comprehensive study of one specific subject. Seminars may be attended in any order, and no prior training is necessary.

         Classes meet three consecutive Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Uniforms are not required, just wear comfortable clothing.

Introduction to Ch'i Kung &
Six Healing Sounds

Master Lin focuses on two areas; a general discussion of Wei Dan (building Ch'i) and Nei Dan (inner circulation), Taoist and Buddhist breathing methods, and the "Small" and "Grand" Ch'i circulation. The second area of focus will be the "six healing-breath" techniques. Learn each ancient posture and connected sound, how it relates to the individual five elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) as well as the five major organs of the body (stomach, lungs, kidneys, liver and heart). Additional Ch'i generating techniques will be covered as well as the Master's discussion on the importance of "exhalation" in the areas of improved circulation, lowering blood pressure and improving heart function.

Tai Chi Ch'i Kung &
Ch'i Projection Training

Here we explore three areas:
1) The magic exercise of "Palms and Fingers". Rubbing, pressing, twisting and pulling to promote the concentration of Ch'i in the hands. Master Lin demonstrates the relationship between the fingers and the five principal organs. 2) Tai Chi Ch'i Kung form. A sequence, of over twenty movements, to regulate and stimulate the flow of Ch'i, producing a state of total relaxation. 3) Unique training methods for "Ch'i projection". A variety of hand techniques in standing postures, including the use of exercise balls and Ch'i Kung rings. Hand and arm strength, and the relief of arthritis pain is the focus of this segment.

Seven Star Ch'i Kung &
Special Leg Training
Sifu, 7 Stars - Ch'i Kung

"The Wonders of Seven Star Ch'i Kung" was created by Hu Meicheng, a well-known Chinese Ch'i Kung master. Based on several ancient forms of fitness and breathing exercise, the seven forms are composed of graceful, well-balanced movements performed in a continuous flow and involving all of the body's joints. The exercises are designed to promote circulation and develop the network of "channels" in the body through which the vital energy (Ch'i) flows and along which the acupuncture points are located.

Master Lin introduces a special series of "root developing" leg exercises, such as Greeting the Morning Sun and Dragon Fly Lands on Water, specifically designed to increase strength and balance (or "grow deeper roots"). This is a very important aspect for the serious martial artist.

7 Stars Team - Ch'i Kung

Red Sand Palm Ch'i Kung &
Shuai-Shou Ch'i Kung

Red Sand Palm Ch'i Kung is a unique method of exercise specifically intended to strengthen the hands, develop back muscles (remedy for back pain) and increase bone density. This Ch'i Kung technique helps improve circulation and function of the body's major organs, and it can assist the martial artist in achieving greater hand and arm power.

Shuai-Shou Ch'i Kung is considered one of the most popular health exercises. This technique is simple, yet very effective in improving blood circulation and reaching a level of total relaxation. It is believed that by practicing Shuai-Shou Ch'i Kung daily, one can reduce stress and expel illness.

Muscle Tendon Changes &
Body Striking Ch'i Kung

YI JIN JING, "Muscle Tendon Change" Ch'i Kung form was created by the monk Da Mo at the Shaolin Temple over 1500 years ago. Master Lin leads the class in this form known for its rejuvenating powers, especially for the body's appearance. Faithful practice can lead to increased bone density, greater Ch'i circulation, well toned muscles, and improved overall health. This form builds internal power by concentrating Ch'i in specific muscle groups.

"Body Striking" is a very important aspect of Ch'i Kung training. You will learn which external areas of the body relate to the major organs and identify specific Ch'i cavities. Through focused striking, you will improve the body's Ch'i flow and stimulate organ function. This level of training will toughen the bones, as well as strengthen the muscles and tendons. The practitioner of "Body Striking" becomes stronger, healthier and more resistant to illness.

In every seminar, special exercises, massage and acupressure techniques are taught to promote health and delay the effects of aging.

Ch'i Kung training is suitable for anyone interested in health, fitness and longevity. Each seminar involves three two-hour sessions held on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Please ask us about our next scheduled seminar and reserve your place. Class size is limited (some seminars require training aids).


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