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Our New Heritage
(Continues to Expand)

We would like to acknowledge the latest connection to our heritage as it continues to grow. During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2005, Sifu Lin traveled to China to accomplish three very important missions:

1. In the mornings, Sifu Lin studied two very old forms of Boat Fist Style Kung Fu from one of the most famous Masters in all of China. Grand Master Chen Song-Sheng was recently featured on the National Beijing Central TV station. He was interviewed for 3˝ days in preparation for a special show about his life. Grand Master Chen is 88 years old and was a good friend of Monk Hai-Deng, the most famous Shaolin Monk in the last 200 years, noted for succeeding in one-finger hand stands.

2. In the afternoons, Sifu Lin studied with Master Lu, You-Xin, the 19th generation Chen Style Tai Chi Master and former National Chen Style Tai Chi “Cannon Fist” Champion. Master Lu taught Sifu Lin two of his specialties, Cannon Fist and Chen Style Tai Chi Sword.

At one point in history Monk Hai-Deng, Grand Master Chen Song-Sheng and Master Lu, You-Xin all taught martial arts in the same city park in Suzhou.

3. Sifu Lin also met with our National Tour Guides from the 2002 China trip, Linda Lee and Mao-Mao. This meeting allowed Sifu Lin and his wife to start making preparations for our next tour of China, scheduled for the winter of 2007.

Sifu with Master Lu
Sifu with Master Lu You-Xin (click for a larger view).

         During last year's trip to China, Master Lin studied with Master Lu You-Xin, one of the most famous internal style masters in China. Master Lu stands on three mountains, a former National Champion himself, he is a 19th generation Master of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, he has direct lineage to the famous authority on Bagua Zhang, Master Jiang Rong-Qiao, as well as having direct lineage to the famous Hsing Yi Chuan Master, Sun Lu-Tang. Master Lu trains martial arts masters from around the world.

Sifu on Traditional Stumps
Sifu practicing with traditional stump training in China (click for a larger view).

         Master Lin makes a point to seek out new masters and travel to Taiwan and China every few years. "It is important to seek out the knowledge of the old Masters." Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Ch'i Kung are living history and their roots must be cared for and preserved. Maintaining a solid connection to the source is part of what makes the Chinese Culture Center special.

SIFU ...

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