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Kung Fu

Sifu, Double Sabre - Kung Fu

         One of the world's most dynamic martial arts, Kung Fu is for the serious student and is a lifelong journey. With its roots entwined deep in Chinese history, the Chinese Culture Center and Lin's Martial Arts Academy is the Southwest's connection to the ancient martial skills of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and modern Wu Shu competition forms, as well as Lion Dancing, Martial Arts Drumming, Martial Flag Forms and Dragon Dancing.

         The ultimate in martial arts, Kung Fu develops the student both physically and mentally with forms and training techniques that have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. The Shaolin Monks found, over 1500 years ago, that Kung Fu training was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. Intense mind-body training can be developed to a Spiritual level with what appears to be super human powers.

         Master Lin offers his students a comprehensive program that deals with all aspects of Kung Fu. Beginning with strength and flexibility training, the student deals with all the basics of martial arts, from proper breathing to the correct execution of kicks and blocks. Kung Fu is a building process and requires a good foundation of fundamental skills. Empty hand forms are taught first, followed by a full array of Kung Fu weaponry: short staff, long staff, knife, (single) sword, double-sword, sabre, double sabre, spear, sai, 3-section staff and long-handled broadsword are just a few. The only thing greater than Master Lin's knowledge of Martial Arts is his own personal dedication to training. After 30 years, he never fails to amaze his students with feats of incredible physical Kung Fu ability, as well as entertain them with endless tales of Chinese martial arts history, legend and folklore.

         When you pass through the "moon gate" at the studio into the training hall, it is almost like stepping back in time. Ancient weapons line the walls, Lions in the rack, Dragon on the wall, giant Gong in the corner, the iron man standing at attention, the familiar scent of liniment, incense and perspiration; you are following in the footsteps of martial artists throughout history with ancient training techniques and forms that have been used for centuries. Kung Fu fosters a strong body, sharp mind, self-discipline, personal integrity and self-confidence. To assume the life of a Martial Artist is to make a commitment to oneself, finding satisfaction in pushing your personal limits and stretching yourself past all existing boundaries to become more than you ever thought you could be. When Sifu asks, "what is Kung Fu?", the appropriate response is "hard work, Sifu!". The benefits and rewards far outweigh the investment of time and effort. There is an old saying, "the Master holds the key, but you must pass through the doorway yourself". Any martial art requires great diligence and patience to achieve great success.

Class Pictures (click for a larger view).

         Sparring is an important part of Kung Fu training because it gives the student opportunity to test the knowledge acquired, as well as improve reflexes and build confidence. Lin's Martial Arts Academy uses a "non-contact" method of sparring that does not require the student to purchase protective equipment. It is not only important to build power, one must also possess control. Light contact is allowed under supervised conditions, however, the student is responsible for the safety of the opponent. Aggressive behavior is not tolerated and may be grounds for dismissal. All punching and kicking is "pulled", as if the opponent is expected to miss the block, to avoid any physical injury whatsoever.

         The Chinese Culture Center does not use a "belt" ranking system. Each student receives a formal "report card" and requests to be tested on his or her current form being learned when appropriate. Students move from one subject to another after successful testing. Subjects become increasingly more difficult as greater ability is acquired in the areas of speed, endurance and self-confidence.

         Classes always begin with a full set of warm-up exercises to avoid injuries and prepare the body for a full workout. Monday's class focuses on self-defense techniques and sparring, while Wednesday is devoted to learning forms. At the end of each class, students demonstrate the forms that they are currently learning in front of Master Lin and the class.

         Let Master Lin introduce you to the ancient and mysterious world of Martial Arts and find out why Kung Fu fighters have been among the most revered throughout history. Come and join the international community of martial artists; it can change your life. Call us to schedule a time for visiting a class, and discuss with us how Kung Fu can benefit your life (no contracts required).

Kung Fu for Kids (Ages 7-12)

Class Pictures (click for a larger view).

         There is no better way to nurture the growth of our youth than through the practice of Martial Arts. Kung Fu builds physical strength, balance, coordination, endurance, as well as teaches self-discipline, maturity and focus. Master Lin leads his young students into the world of Kung Fu with a gentle hand and a firm conviction. "Kung Fu can be very enjoyable for children, as well as educational and beneficial to their health; we just don't tell them that part". Children learn the basics of Kung Fu, empty hand forms and techniques, but are not allowed to use weapons. Classes are on Friday afternoons from 4:15 to 6:00 PM.

         Please come by and meet our little family of "mini" Martial Artists. We have some very talented children here, and they are always happy to "show their stuff".

Sifu, Long Staff - Kung Fu

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