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Our School
(Lin's Martial Arts Academy)

Our School - Under Construction

         What began as one man's dream turned into a reality for many. Master Lin and his students brought a dream to life when they constructed the current home of the Chinese Culture Center on Adams Street in Albuquerque. Faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable challenge, Master Lin and his wife Synthia, left short by a reluctant bank and holding plans for a building so unique to the Southwest that some doubted it could ever be built, mustered the forces of the Universe and about a hundred student volunteers and forged ahead. Most of the work took place between April and December of 1988, and in that time was built a concrete, steel reinforced, three story fortress of nearly 3500 square feet with a training hall measuring 25' x 61'.

Building Our School (click for more images).

         Contractors did construction during the week, and on the weekends a small volunteer army of students would show up to remove forms, clean boards for reuse, pull nails from framing wood and do any prep work for the following week. Sun up to sun down and well beyond, the construction site was a scene that was hard to describe; somewhere between a swarm of bees and a troop of army ants. Activity proceeded in every direction with one common goal, "Let's get inside before it gets cold!". On Thanksgiving Day, volunteer students were sharing a meal on the floor of the new training hall. With many things left to do, the pace carried on feverishly up to the day of dedication on December 3, 1988. The second and third floors were to be finished later, but the Chinese Culture Center was open for business in its new home.

         The design, featuring visibly slanting walls and a traditional circular oriental roof, is based on two famous buildings of the Master's homeland, Taiwan. "The Chang Kai-Chek Memorial and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial were our inspiration for the architecture. Former student and draftsperson Christine Watson of Remo Giannini, Architect worked from photos and scaled the structure to our site.

School Studio Pictures (click for more images).

         The Chinese Culture Center is dedicated to the preservation of Chinese arts, language and culture, as well as being an unprecedented source of reference regarding all aspects of Chinese culture, including information on activities in the local Chinese-American community. Lin's Martial Arts Academy is New Mexico's source for traditional Chinese martial arts training in the areas of Ch'i Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu.

         Come and visit a class, shop around our store and discuss how martial arts may become part of your life.


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