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Sifu Lin

Sifu with Sabre

         The Chinese characters for "Sifu" are Teacher/Father, and no-one personifies that more than Master Lin. Husband, father, businessman, distinguished member of the Chinese-American community, import dealer, scholar, artist, craftsman and true Martial Artist; Master Lin began his study of martial arts at the age of ten in his homeland of Taiwan. Sifu Lin Learned Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu systems from Master Yin Bai Hsia, a reputable Master from the Chinese mainland. Master Liu Mu Sen taught Sifu Lin the internal systems of Chi Kung, Pa Kua, and Hsing-I. Sifu Lin has also studied the Style of Six Dimensions from Master Liu Shih Chou. After graduating from the College of Chinese Culture in Taipei with a degree in journalism, he relocated to New Mexico in 1974.

         Master Lin has dedicated his life to martial arts and what he calls the "profound" knowledge. He currently continues his studies under the guidance of Master Chen Jing Hua, headmaster of internal martial arts for Changhua county, Taiwan. Master Chen is the student of Grand Master Wang Yuan Nien, a very famous Tai Chi master from the Chinese mainland who now lives in Taiwan.

         "Since my recent trip to China, I have been even more inspired to hold on to the traditions and heritage of our forms, as well as stress the health benefits of the martial arts," says Master Lin. "Anyone can do martial arts superficially, but to do them profoundly takes great effort, but no matter what level at which you participate, the benefits become clear in a relatively short period of time. Martial arts will keep you young. If you want to enjoy your senior years, isn't it worth investing a little time in staying healthy and fit. There is an old Chinese saying: "health IS wealth", and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be wealthy."


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