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  Mon-Th 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM
  Fr-Sat 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM

What's New

NEW ITEM: "Dragon Pearl" Green Tea can be purchased directly from our Store. Call us for details.

In July 2014:

Join Dr. Winterkorn as he leads "Chin Na" practice in July.

Chin Na (the art of seizing and grasping) has always been an integral part of Chinese martial arts, both external (Kung Fu) and internal (Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua). A great variety of grasps, joint locks, chokes, and throws have been found useful by Chinese masters over the centuries. Most of the techniques found in the more recent Japanese styles of Aikikdo, Judo, and Jujitsu, and even in modern competitive "mixed martial arts", can be found in the ancient Chinese styles.

The Chin Na we will focus on will be selected from both internal and external styles, but will emphasize using internal body energy or chi rather than brute force. Most of the Chin Na we will learn and practice can be found in our basic Tai Chi forms (for example 13 Postures and 24 Postures), our silk-reeling exercises, or various Xing Yi and Ba Gua movements. We will practice techniques that a smaller or weaker person can use successfully against a big, strong attacker.

Additionally, there will be an emphasis on using techniques that neutralize and pacify an opponent rather than injure him. In ancient and modern times masters have recognized that a Chin Na technique is often a more honorable and proportionate response in some conflicts than is a punch or kick. Our legal system recognizes this concept. It is good for a martial artist to have a few basic Chin Na techniques in his or her bag of tricks, so that the martial artist may do what needs to be done and yet show restraint.

The classes will be organized by Dr. Keith Winterkorn, who has long had a special interest in Chin Na and the grappling arts in general, going back to studying Judo, Aikido, wrestling, and Shaolin-style Chin Na during his years in school. During most of the 20 or so years he has been a student under Sifu Lin, he has attended both Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. Several of the other senior students will be at the classes as well and can help with teaching.

The classes will emphasize safety for the students, with warming and stretching exercises, gentle training in falling, and hand and wrist flexibility and strengthening, along with a set of basic Chin Na techniques that are practical in many diverse situations.

The most important reason for taking this class is to show support for our school.

Note: For those attending please bring:

  1. a notebook
  2. a wood staff (long or 50 inch)
  3. a sweatshirt
  4. dit da jiu

    Chin Na
    July (2014) 12, 19 & 26
9:30 AM   to 11:30 AM

In August, 2014

Seminar 3 Ch'i Kung class, including: Seven Star Ch'i Kung, Advanced 50-inch Staff Training and Pushing Abdominal Muscle Medical Ch'i Kung resumes in August (2014).

Seminar 3 will explore several very important subjects of Ch'i Kung, including:

1. The Wonders of Seven Star Ch'i Kung. Recognized as one of the most effective Ch'i Kung exercises for rejuvenation in the last century, this form is based on ancient text unearthed in China's tomb of the terra cotta soldiers. The Seven Star form has been praised as the most graceful Chi Kung and is famous for helping to relieve back pain. It is one of the best stretching exercise systems in all Ch'i Kung.

2. Advanced 50-inch Staff Training. The most practical series on short staff exercise and application, this section deals with stretching and strengthening the back muscles combined with striking and blocking functions. Discover the multiple aspects that make your staff useful for walking, hiking and self defense.

3. Pushing Abdominal Muscle Medical Ch'i Kung. For the first time Master Lin introduces one of the most important aspects of Chinese Medical Massage Ch'i Kung. Pushing abdominal muscles creates a special energy that improves 5 body functions and expels 5 poisons. This ch'i kung improves stomach, liver, small & large intestine function, as well as preventing constipation and improving sleep as it expels Ch'i poison, sweats out body toxins, flush out the urinary tract, clear the bowels and purifies the blood.

For more details on Seminar 3, call us.

    Seminar 3 Ch'i Kung
    August (2014) 2, 9 & 16
9:30 AM   to 11:30 AM

In September 2014:

Join Master Lin as he continues to teaches "Xing Yi Quan".

Now that you have experienced the 5 element fists and Linking Fist, it is time to begin the third section, Animal Form Fists. Discover the fists connected with each of the 12 animals while developing maximum power and effectiveness.

Being a new subject, Master Lin will determine as we progress, the time required to complete all the things he wants to cover. This program will be more than one year. It will begin with 4 sections:

  1. 5 element fists (metal, water, wood, fire & earth), and how the fists compliment and contrast each other.
  2. 5 element "Linking Fist", and how the fists connect to each other.
  3. 12 Animals: the inner essence of Tiger, Bear, Monkey and the like are expressed in Xing Yi Quan style.
  4. Advanced 5 elements combined with 12 animal fists, which is more complex, faster and more effective in nature.
  • This class will also include special training techniques with the Double-Handed Sabre to build real Xing Yi Quan power.
  • Students of this class can look forward to Xing Yi Sword, one of the most popular sword forms in China, at a future date.

For more details call us.

    Xing Yi Quan
    September (2014) 6, 13 & 20
9:30 AM   to 11:30 AM

Upcoming Performances:

We will be celebrating the Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Festival on May 10, 2014 at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.

Come early for best seating.
Call us for details.

2014, Year of the Horse:

The Chinese Culture Center celebrated the year of the Horse on Saturday February 1, 2014 at the Chinese Culture Center.

To view pictures for the 2014 New Year celebration for the Year of the Horse, click here.

We are very thankful that Dr. Wen Wu was able to take these photos of the New Year's celebration.

Learn the Chinese Language:

The Chinese Culture Center and teacher Synthia Lin are proud to announce classes for learning to speak, read and write the Chinese (Mandarin) language, both traditional and simplified. Classes include beginner, intermediate and individual study.

Call us for details.

20th Anniversary:

On Saturday, December 6th, 2008, the Chinese Culture Center and Lin's Martial Arts Academy celebrate the 20th Anniversary for our studio building. The celebration will be held at 4:00pm at the Chinese Culture Center.

Our studio building was planned and constructed almost entirely by students' volunteer effort. Click here to see a pictorial history of the construction of our school organized by Jim Sikora.

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