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What's New

NEW ITEM: "Dragon Pearl" Green Tea can be purchased directly from our Store. Call us for details.

In April 2016:

Xing Yi Quan

Join Master Lin as he continues to teaches "Xing Yi Quan".

This month concludes the Xing Yi 12 Animals section. Master Lin will discuss the Bear, on of the most powerful of the twelve animals. Known for its great strength, the Bear shows its power in trademark moves like

  • Black Bear Pushes Mountains
  • Black Bear Smashes Trees
in which the true Bear essence is demonstrated.

One of the most exciting discussions in the Xing Yi series, Master Lin will go over the characteristics of the Bear rusing up and the Eagle swooping downward with the combination of Eagle and Bear. He will also explain how these two animals match wits.

  • This class will also include special training techniques with the Double-Handed Sabre to build real Xing Yi Quan power.

For more details call us.

    Xing Yi Quan
    April (2016) 9, 16 & 23
10:30 AM   to 12:30 AM

Call us for details and class times in 2016.

In May 2016:

The Wonders of Seven Star Ch'i Kung

Recongnized in the last century as one of the most effective Ch'i Kung exercises for rejuvenation, this form is based upon ancient text unearthed in China's tomb of the Terra Cotta Soldiers. The Wonders of Seven Star has been praised as the most graceful Ch'i Kung and is famous for helping to relieve back pain. It is one of the best stretching exercise systems in all Ch'i Kung.

One of our school's most appreciated demonstration forms, it's the perfect time to take it for the first time or as a refresher. Practice of the Wonders of Seven Star Ch'i Kung and the knowledge imparted to each student by Master Lin will last for the rest of your life.

    The Wonders of Seven Star Ch'i Kung
    May (2016) 7, 21 & 28
10:30 AM   to 12:30 AM

Call us for details and class times in 2016.

In June 2016:

Shaolin Temple Guarding Mountain Staff Form

One of most famous martial arts forms in Chinese history, the Guarding Mountain Staff became known as the form that saved the Shaolin Temple. In the days of bandits and rebels, the Shaolin Temple had been overrun and all of the Priests had been driven out. One old Monk who was an expert with the long staff recruited as many Monks as he could find and trained them. When enough Monks were trained, he led them back, and they fought their way to victory. The recovery of the Shaolin Temple created the legend of the Guarding Mountain Staff.

When the second Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Tan Tai Zhong, was in fear of being overthrown, he sent for help from the Shaolin Temple. They sent 13 Monks to guard the Emperor and defend the Dynasty. Their success expanded the fame of this staff form, Shaolin Temple Guarding Mountain Staff. The help from Shaolin established a long standing connection between the Shaolin Temple and the Emperor.

Now you have an opportunity to learn this dynamic form, full of jumping, leaping, power and agility. Find out what that old Monk taught his students that saved the Shaolin Temple and defended the Emperor.

Basic staff techniques will also be inroduced, taught and practiced.

    Shaolin Temple Guarding Mountain Staff
    June (2016) 11, 18 & 25
10:30 AM   to 12:30 AM

Call us for details and class times in 2016.

Upcoming Performances:

Call us for details.

2016, Year of the Monkey:

The Chinese Culture Center celebrated the year of the Monkey on Sunday February 7, 2016 at the Chinese Culture Center.

To view pictures for the 2016 New Year (Dress Rehearsal and New Years) celebration for the Year of the Monkey, click here.

If you click on the first one it will go to full screen and you can tab through them. ‘Esc’ key will take you out of full screen. Or you can look at the smaller ones and only click on one you want to see larger and then ‘Esc’ to get back to where you were.

If the photo is full screen or if you checkmark a photo by clicking the small circle at the top-left side of the photo, you can download by using the drop down at the very top right-hand side of the website (the three vertical dots).

If you want to print any, they are cropped for 5 x 7.

We are very thankful that Warren Rathjen and Dr. Wen Wu were able to take these photos of the New Year's celebration.

Learn the Chinese Language:

The Chinese Culture Center and teacher Synthia Lin are proud to announce classes for learning to speak, read and write the Chinese (Mandarin) language, both traditional and simplified. Classes include beginner, intermediate and individual study.

Call us for details.

20th Anniversary:

On Saturday, December 6th, 2008, the Chinese Culture Center and Lin's Martial Arts Academy celebrate the 20th Anniversary for our studio building. The celebration will be held at 4:00pm at the Chinese Culture Center.

Our studio building was planned and constructed almost entirely by students' volunteer effort. Click here to see a pictorial history of the construction of our school organized by Jim Sikora.

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