School Philosophy

The systems taught in this school are traditional in the spirit of their teaching, as well as in content. Martial artists pursue their particular systems as a lifelong endeavor that fosters good health, discipline, humility, a strong spirit, courage, a natural morality, wisdom and inner peace … all in addition to, and equally important as, the capacity for self defense.

Anyone can benefit from martial arts, from the basic breathing techniques and simple forms of Ch’i Kung to the moving meditation of Tai Chi Chuan or the most demanding of physical forms, Kung Fu. Our school has something for everyone.

Every student receives personal instruction from our instructors in each class. You may also receive assistance from senior students. You attend class with three teachers: Your instructors, your ears and your eyes. You are expected to pay 100% attention at all times. Even though good friends are made here, we socialize after class. It’s more the brotherhood of the Martial Artist, the underlying spirit that binds us in a common pursuit. Through many years of diligent study, one may reach enlightenment.

         Students in this school require three characteristics:

Desire. The student must want not only to achieve the physical rewards of martial training, but to accept the responsibilities that accompany the knowledge. A student’s desire must be supported by patience, just as the pond will not freeze one foot thick on the first cold night, ancient wisdom does not suddenly happen.

Dedication. Success in martial arts training relies more on the regularity of practice and the passage of time, than any other factor. The student must be dedicated to attending classes, as well as maintaining a personal practice schedule, time permitting. Outside practice is necessary to achieve true progress. A form learned, a test passed is a beginning, not an end, and should be thought of as a license to practice. It is said that a form is not “yours” until you have practiced it one thousand times.

Discipline. Martial Artists are healthier, stronger, faster and more in control because of a disciplined lifestyle. Setting goals and carrying them out, beginning to end, pushing limits and developing new abilities are part of a martial artists plan for success. Discipline yourself to maintain your training schedule, whatever it may be, even if you are tired, because training is cumulative. In the real world, neither your opponents, nor any other form of stress will relent simply because you are tired. Only half of what martial artists achieve is physical, the other half is, of course, mental. Discipline fosters both physical and mental endurance … crucial qualities for the martial artist.

Additional Information:

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