Sparring Rules

In our school, the purpose of sparring is to train students in the theory and techniques of their chosen self-defense system. Our sparring is a controlled form of non-contact or “touch” sparring. The principle goal is to train the defense reflex (evasion), while offering the opportunity to practice offensive techniques learned in class. Because no forceful contact is allowed, no protective equipment or padding is required. In Kung Fu sparring, one student stands in the center of the studio and defends against a number of students, one-by-one, using the style he or she is currently studying, until Sifu calls for a replacement.

The following guidelines are extremely important and should always be adhered to:

         (1) Sparring always consists of a set sequence of offense/defense
         situations. The designated sequence must not be changed by any
         participant. Free-sparring is allowed only with Sifu’s permission,
         only by experienced students and only under supervision.

         (2) Sparring participants are always responsible for each others
         safety. All strikes and kicks should be “pulled” as if expecting each
         other’s evasive maneuvers to fail. New students should never “go
         all out” until they become experienced in our sparring methods.
         “Contact sparring” is not allowed, and careless injury of another
         student can lead to expulsion.

         (3) Students sparring outside of class assume complete
         responsibility for their actions, injury to themselves or their partner.