Kung Fu

Kung Fu Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays

Early Class: 11:15 AM
Afternoon Class: 4:30 PM (This class is currently closed but can be made available upon request)
Evening Class: 6:00 PM
SATURDAY (optional): 1:30 to 3:00 PM

Children’s Kung Fu class is held on Fridays from 4:30 PM to 6:15 PM.


Anyone can join, and we don’t require a contract. All you have to do is come to the school when we’re open, call us at (505) 268-7023, or email us at [email protected]. You’re also perfectly welcome to come watch a class to get a feel for how it goes!

What Is Kung Fu?

One of the world’s most dynamic martial arts, Kung Fu is a lifelong journey. Kung Fu develops the student both physically and mentally with forms and training techniques that have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Over 1500 years ago, The Shaolin Monks found that Kung Fu training was much more than a fighting system for self-defense. Instead, this mind-body training could even be developed to a spiritual level, and had far reaching physical and mental benefits.

To be quite accurate, “Kung Fu” doesn’t mean one particular martial art or fighting style. The easiest translation of Kung Fu into English is “hard work”, or “attaining skill with hard work over time.” So Kung Fu is really the way a person achieves goals via dedication and discipline.

As a martial art, Kung Fu is differentiated from Tai Chi or Chi Kung in that Kung Fu is considered “external”. External or “hard” styles like Kung Fu focus on building muscle, strength and developing endurance through the use of forms (routines passed down from teacher to teacher over the course of centuries). Our founder Master Lin used to say, “if Martial Arts were a tree, Chi Kung would be the roots, Tai Chi the trunk and Kung Fu the leaves and branches”.

How Our Training Works

We offer students a comprehensive program that deals with all aspects of Kung Fu. Beginning with strength and flexibility training, the student deals with all the basics of martial arts, from proper breathing to the correct execution of kicks and blocks, which helps build a good foundation of fundamental skills.

Empty hand forms are taught first, followed by a full array of Kung Fu weaponry. Short staff, long staff, knife, (single) sword, double-sword, sabre, double sabre, spear, sai, 3-section staff and long-handled broadsword are just a few.

Classes always begin with a full set of warm-up exercises to avoid injuries and prepare the body for a full workout. Monday’s class focuses on self-defense techniques and sparring, while Wednesday is devoted to learning forms. At the end of each class, students demonstrate the forms that they are currently learning in front of the teacher and the class. Saturdays are always different, led by various senior students who create challenging and fun workouts that deepen your training.

We don’t use a “belt” ranking system at the Chinese Culture Center. Each student receives a formal “report card” and requests to be tested on his or her current form when ready. Students move from one subject to another after successful testing. Subjects become increasingly more difficult as greater ability is acquired in the areas of speed, endurance and self-confidence.


Sparring Rules

Sparring is an important part of Kung Fu training because it gives the student opportunity to test the knowledge acquired, as well as improve reflexes and build confidence. Lin’s Martial Arts Academy uses a “non-contact” method of sparring that does not require the student to purchase protective equipment.

We feel that while it is important to build power, one must also possess control. Light contact is allowed under supervised conditions, however, the student is responsible for the safety of the opponent. We don’t tolerate aggressive behavior. Instead we favor a supportive environment, where students can safely learn how to interact with an opponent. All punching and kicking is “pulled”, as if the opponent is expected to miss the block, to avoid any physical injury whatsoever.

A Long Tradition

When you pass through the moon gate at the studio into the training hall, it is almost like stepping back in time. Ancient weapons line the walls, Lions watch the room, Dragons hang on the wall, there’s a giant Gong in the corner and the iron man stands at attention. The familiar scents of liniment, incense and perspiration are reminders that you’re following in the footsteps of martial artists throughout history with ancient training techniques and forms that have been used for centuries, not to mention over 40 years and thousands of students who have trained at this very school.

Students at our old location circa 1980!

Kung Fu fosters a strong body, sharp mind, self-discipline, personal integrity and self-confidence. To assume the life of a Martial Artist is to make a commitment to oneself, finding satisfaction in pushing your personal limits and stretching yourself past all existing boundaries to become more than you ever thought you could be. The benefits and rewards far outweigh the investment of time and effort. There is an old saying, “the Master holds the key, but you must pass through the doorway yourself”. Any martial art requires great diligence and patience to achieve great success, but the good news is ANYONE can have those things!

If you want to know more, or just get to know us first, give us a call at
(505) 268-7023, email us at [email protected] or just come by 427 Adams SE and say hi!