Conduct and Etiquette

  1. Students should show respect for the studio with a “traditional bow” as they enter and leave through the “moon gate” entrance.
  2. Students should attend class with a serious attitude. Extremely poor attendance may result in expulsion. The wise student will take advantage of the optional Saturday classes. These classes are conducted by a rotating schedule of senior student instructors. Practice in a proper setting and receive personal assistance from advanced students.
  3. Students are expected to push themselves (especially in Kung Fu), but it is important to do so correctly to avoid injury. In the case of joint sprains, muscle strains and other injuries; our approach is to avoid all exercises which aggravate an injury. However, it is often wise to pursue with increased vigor those which do not aggravate the injury. Your overall fitness has a great influence on your body’s healing powers.
  4. Humility is a very important characteristic of the martial artist. Our studio is to be shared equally by all students. Show respect to others, regardless of their ability or gender. Students should show respect to senior students and above all, show respect to your Sifu. Address him as “Sifu”.
  5. Appropriate posture when watching other students review forms, or when not practicing, is as follows: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands clasped at waist behind back or in front (especially where weapons are being used). “Lounging” or postures with crossed arms or hands on hips are considered rude and inappropriate.
  6. Tai Chi Chuan requires quiet for maximum concentration. When classes are in session, visitors, as well as students should respect the quiet of the studio setting.
  7. Aggressive behavior or cursing others is ground for expulsion. Conflicts of the outside world should remain outside the “moon gate”. When you enter the studio, you are there to learn. We believe you should “avoid conflict, and do not seek it out.”
  8. During all drills and form reviews at the end of class, students should line up according to seniority. However, slower students should respect the right of others that go faster. Students should not crowd each other during drills, leaving half the length of the studio between people.
  9. Students should not try to learn or practice movements without proper instruction from Sifu. Students are forbidden from teaching forms or self-defense moves, formally or informally, to non-students.
  10. Students should not use weapons in which they have not yet received training. Do not use any weapons when children are present on the studio floor. Use only practice weapons (non-edged), and exercise extreme caution when using weapons as a group. Unsupervised weapons sparring is not permitted.
  11. Students may not enter any martial competition (forms or fighting) without expressed consent from Sifu Tokuda.
  12. Student uniforms (school shirt, kick pants and appropriate shoes) are required in all classes and should be kept clean. A mandatory black sash for Kung Fu students is required to support and protect the vital organs during vigorous exercise.
  13. We respect the building, training hall and equipment; keep them clean and free from damage. Students should not use training equipment without proper instruction from Sifu or an appointed senior student.